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Expand your sales funnel, increase conversion, make your customer service faster and cheaper, and generate more repeat sales.
Is it right for my business?
You work in the mass B2C market, with some B2B sales
Average revenue per sale between 200 and 15 000 RUB, order processing time between 1 minute and 2 days.
You use or would like to use digital tools in your sales and marketing
You want to speed up and optimize all customer interactions: client search, item selection, order placement, payments, delivery, evaluation, and repeat orders.
You adapt to your customers' changing demands
You follow your clients to new platforms and channels, be it web, mobile, Apple watch, SmartTV, PC, Mac, social networks, or Uber-like platforms.
You track and improve your metrics
LTV, ROMI, Retention, MAU, ARPU, and other metrics matter to you.
You use or would like to use a mobile app/mobile interface
You goal is to be just one tap away from your client, anywhere, all the time. You build life-long relationships with customers.
Yakitoriya, Ozone, Domino's, Mc'Donalds, S7 and thousands of others have built their own successful Uber-like apps, but hundreds of thousands of businesses are lagging behind. Why?
Problems solved by our app
Business owners' problems
  • Insufficient development budget
  • High prices and uneven quality of turn-key solutions
  • Unprepared teams
  • Constant IT race and associated costs of support and updates
    1. Traffic attraction and lead price reduction
    2. Client qualification
    3. Automated order pricing
    4. Order distribution
    5. Delivery and quality control
    6. Feedback collection
    7. Team coaching and preparation
    8. Development and support of your platform
    9. Costs of testing new ideas

    Each of these issues can be solved through the Crabler app.
    No coding, no extra costs, no needless waiting.
    Since 2016, ever more US businesses have been using their own delivery systems to maximize ROI. Proprietary Uber-like platforms are becoming a key element of businesses success. платформа все чаще становится ключевым элементом бизнеса.
    Source: statista.com
    What CRABLER can do for you
    Uberization is a complex process and each business is unique - choose the features that suit your company best
    Marketplace category
    For businesses with multiple branches: tag filters, map search, "nearest to you" search, automatic ratings, delivery options and pre-orders for a specified date, in-app registration
    Service catalog
    Your own list of customizable services: a special form for each service and flexible rules for processing orders and payments. Supports orders, tickets, delivery requests, and pre-orders. ~ Under development: bookings.
    Store catalog
    Upload a catalog in .xsl/csv/yml, mobile catalog, shopping basket, additional settings for each item, and much more.
    Each of your branches or stores will have its own user area, catalog of goods and services, pool of providers, customer community, newsfeed with push notifications, and many other marketing tools.
    Order processing
    Design your own flexible business process: pre-moderation, change of provider, field validation, adding information, action buttons, push notifications, automatic pricing, GPS tracking of supplier and customer, and more.
    Price calculator
    Support of Excel templates and API for calculating the price in the app
    Payment processing
    ApplePay, GooglePay, Visa, MasterCard, MIR. Split payments, post-payment, and prepayment. Support of online cash registers in accordance with the Russian Federal Law no. 54.
    Customer community
    Automatic verification, subscriptions, newsfeeds, push notifications, newsfeed, recommendations, viewing profiles of community members and marketplace service providers.
    Support chat
    A built-in user support chat
    Whitelabel app
    Your business center's own app onGooglePlay / AppStore. Launch in 5+ days.
    User areas
    Владельца проекта, поставщика и исполнителя. Special areas for the project owner, supplier, and service provider. Order statistics, settings, user management, and hundreds of other features.
    Web interface for marketplaces
    ~ In development: a full version of the app for both desktop and mobile browsers.
    Completed projects
    Pricing plans for businesses
    You can upgrade your subscription at any moment.
    an all-in-one marketplace
    • Your brand among others in the same category
    • Benefit from marketplace-generated traffic
    • Customizable user areas
    • API / SDK
    • Monthly updates
    • In-app tech support
    • Launch in 1+ day
    • Price: 10-30% commission on each order incl. acquiring fees
    • One-time integration fee
      1 199 RUB
    Whitelabel Start
    a proprietary app for your brand
    • Only your brand
    • No extra traffic generated by the marketplace
    • Customizable user areas and libraries
    • API / SDK
    • Monthly updates
    • In-app tech support
    • Launch in 5+ days
    • Price: 4995 RUB/month + a commission on orders as in the SaaS tariff
    • One-time app release fee 139 500 RUB
    Whitelabel Pro
    an exclusive app for your brand
    • Only your brand
    • No extra traffic generated by the marketplace
    • Customizable user areas and libraries
    • API / SDK
    • Monthly updates
    • In-app tech support
    • Launch in 5+ daus
    • Price: 35.000 RUB/month + 5% acquiring fee, zero commission
    • One-time app release fee 139 500 RUB
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